Nyamata parents’ School

School Profile

Nyamata Parents’ School (NPS) is Located in Nyamata sector, Kayumba cell Bugesra district. it is  close to 2 years old. Started as a nursery school, it has reached a Primary School status but with P2 level, we are intending to keep growing up-to P6 in the next couple of years. But we also have a vision of secondary after strengthening primary section. Nyamata Parents’ School started in 2016 with 70 pupils, Three Teaching staff and 2 non teaching staff

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

To deliver learner centered education by establishing teaching skills and promoting high performance in all levels, promoting discipline among children, ethical and social development.

The Mission Statement

To produce quality pupils who will compete with others due to their better performance.

Our Core Objectives

  1. Provide good education background to Rwandan Children
  1. To provide quality and affordable education and assistance to children from poor families
  1. To continuously enhance education
  1. To provide a good foundation to the children based on culture of discipline
  1. To provide enough and related literature for study purposes
  1. To enhance research
  1. Promoting reading culture in Rwandan youth
  1. Promoting ICT in education